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More than a pastime,
it’s a heritage

Individually built from start to finish, and handcrafted to provide
the best fit and experience possible.

TACTICAL HEARING is a family-owned and operated a debt-free business with over 45 years of combined experience. We are an innovator of extreme performance custom-fitted digital enhancement and protection instruments. Hearing and protecting hearing is our one priority.

We are outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and sportsmen/women and extremely active in all the fields we love. Throughout the years this spurred a degree of interest in protecting hearing in these fields that has increased through the years to where we find ourselves today as the nation’s leading high-end producers of micro custom hearing protection instruments.

Focusing only on the state of the art hearing enhancement and protection, we change the game for men and women creating a level of comfort. Knowing your hearing is safely protected in all of the noisy sports and working industries you’re involved in giving you peace of mind.

Protection & Enhancement


Extreme custom hearing and protection for the advanced hunting athlete. Order today.
 Sound:  Digital HD

 Chan:  8

 Gain:  48dB

Our Founder

Our primary objective is providing the highest quality digitally personalized advanced custom earpieces which not only offer unparalleled enhanced hearing but a level of protection that will maintain the integrity of your hearing, protecting it from further noise-related loss.

Quality, comfort, and results are what you can expect from TACTICAL HEARING products.

It Works Guaranteed

We offer unmatched high quality and reliable American made products. Our products are covered with a 5 year original manufacturer’s parts warranty and 1 year service warranty.

Our Return Policy

We offer this extended warranty at no extra cost. We stand behind the superior products we create. Our warranty is unmatched in the industry.

Expert Support

We stand behind every product we make. If you are not satisfied with your gear at the time you receive them, please send them back. Damage due to wear and tear will be repaired at a reasonable cost.




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