We offer unmatched high quality and reliable American made products. Our products are covered with a 5 year original manufacturer’s parts warranty and 1 year service warranty.

If you are experiencing any problem with our product, please contact our customer service.

Should an instrument require factory service, please send the instrument and a copy of your receipt to us along with a brief letter describing the problem. Be sure to pack the instrument in a proper container to prevent damage in shipping. You may also wish to insure your shipment.

Shipping and handling charge for warranty repair is $29.95 please include check payable to TACTICAL HEARING in the amount of $29.95 along with a written description of the problem.

This warranty is void if customer damaged or tampered with the device. Warranty excludes water damage, damage caused by neglect, misuse or improper handling of the TACTICAL HEARING instrument. 

If you have any questions or problems concerning our products, please call our Customer Care.