• Thanks for your prompt service on my new "ears".

    I felt the demos you loaned me were great, but these new custom ones are beyond Amazing! I’m hearing things (birds, crickets, etc.) that I haven’t heard in almost 50 years. I’ve tried them all but yours really work. The protection achieved while shooting is unbelievable! Thanks much and Ill see you in the spring.


  • The protection it gives me is almost unbelievable!!

    I received my hearing and protection device from you I have worn it at work and when shooting and riding my motorcycle. To say that I am pleased really does not do your device justice, not only does it improve my hearing ability the protection it gives me is almost unbelievable. When I go shooting I can still carry on a conversation and fire my gun without having to remove and replace any plugs. When I ride my bike there is no wind noise or loud pipes to worry about and I can still hear what I need to. I would recommend your product to anyone who wants to protect there hearing and yet still function normally.


  • I have quite a substantial hearing loss in my left ear due to a shooting incident years ago. My nephew fired of a round from a 300 mag over the hood of the truck while I wasn’t quite ready. Needless to say from then on I have 50% loss in my left ear. I was on his right side. He did kill the buck but I have been struggling to hear high pitched sounds ever since.

    I am an avid elk hunter and it has been so difficult to key in on where the bulls are calling. Half the time I don’t hear them until I am told by my hunting partner. When I’m hunting now my ears are better than ever. I can tell exactly where the bulls are when they bugle and I hear them before my partner does. I also get fantastic protection when firing my rifle while hunting , or at the range.

    If you have trouble hearing the elk bugle while hunting, do yourself a favor and get a set. You will never be the same! and I saved hundreds from the the other company’s models. I couldn’t be more pleased.

    Todd S. Utah

  • Your Product is Great ! I have used it many times and love it.

    Colorado Buck, Texas (outfitter & hunting celebrity)

  • Whether I’m in the field hunting whitetail, turkey or pigs. I never forget to bring my new devices. I can always hear the turkey long before I see him, and pinpoint where the deer are coming from. Saves my hearing from gun fire and I wear them at work as well. Great products and much less than the competition.

    Brian H. Kentucky

  • I have been involved in the music industry for most of my adult life. I play shows three to five nights a week. The constant loud instruments have really taken their toll on my hearing. I am glad a friend told me about your product. I now can hear during shows and I never forget to wear them to a gig. Saved my hearing. I don’t know what I would do without them.

    Lee S.P. CA

  • My husband and I have been going to the drag races for years. I hate wearing ear plugs because I can’t hear anything he says. Now we both wear Tactical Hearing products. Our hearing is protected and I can always hear him when he speaks, even when the dragsters are racing.

    Julie Allan, Utah

  • To: Potential Customers of TACTICAL HEARING

    And in particular potential clients of Mr. Tim Sparks;


    Dear Sir (or Madam as the case may be),

    I am the ripe old age of 73, experienced in business and duly skeptical of any and all claims by those wanting to sell me something.Having met an exceptional service provider, I duly report my experience for your consideration…

    First, at 73, my hearing was probably going to pot anyway but was was assisted by a penchant for shooting pistols, flying in piston engine aircraft and some time on a carrier flight deck. When I met Tim at his booth at the Reno Air Races, I just wanted some improved noise attenuation from my shooting activities. His pitch was that he could fix that fine and could also give me big time help with the hearing loss (both in level and bandwidth).

    Results: The high end stuff works! Molds for my ears were done on the spot and totally within the ear enhancements were delivered as promised. I can comfortably shoot my 45 without discomfort or other hearing attenuation AND also carry on a conversation on the range. The 4 settings available on my devices suit a variety of circumstances.

    Service: After about a year, my left instrument just didn’t seem to stay in very well and the volume boost was not quite enough to equalize the adequate level of the right ear. Tim made a new mold of my left ear, took note of my volume complaint and had a new left ear device delivered in 3 days flat after the original device was received by his lab.

    Results: I am now a happy camper, Stuff is working fine.

    Good luck with your problems and I believe Tim will provide quality professional help.

    Bert Berrong, TX

  • I’m a landscaper by trade, and I spend ten to twelve hours a day in my skid steer. I began to notice difficulty hearing high pitched sounds. My cousin told me about TACTICAL HEARING. I now hear great again and I never forget to wear them while I’m in my machine. The Protection is fantastic and I can hear my guys when I need to. Awesome products, and I saved hundreds off the competitions product.

    Darrin Johns, CO

  • I’ve worked in construction most of my life. I am sick of wearing ear plugs that prohibit me from hearing my employees when I need to. The new tactical hearing product I use is unbelievable. My hearing is protected and I can always hear what is going on around me. They work great at the shooting range as well.

    Leo Anderson, UT

  • Got’em and they are great!!!!!
    Heard the little Tweety birds again,Thanks
    I am sure happy with them!
    Did I tell you I liked them?

    George Thomas, Alaska

  • I am nineteen years old and have had trouble hearing in my left ear for as long as I can remember. I like to bird watch, but I have a hard time hearing the birds sometimes. I can hear them great with my new devices. I recommend them to anyone who is looking to enhance their hearing. They literally have changed my life!

    Courtney Peahl, UT

  • I have been planning to let you know that I am learning to get used to my hearing devices. The good news is that I was appreciating them more every day. I shot in a 270 shot pistol match yesterday with them on the number 4 setting. They worked great. I was able to hear the commands clearly and the units and muffs together made the 17 guns going off at once very comfortable.

    Dave Salyer, SC

  • I have never bought a hearing aid or a hearing enhancement device, because I was told by a medical doctor that they would do no good. I purchased the Ultra HD anyway, and to my surprise, I can hear sounds that I haven’t heard in ten or more years. These things work and they work very well! It is almost as another world with sounds has been given to me. I wear them all the time, shooting, watching a movie and actually understanding what is being said, and everywhere else. I have friends who have paid more than three times what I paid for the Ultras for their hearing aids and they do not work as well as the Ultras, enhancement and protection devices. Thanks for a great product; it really makes a difference in the quality of my life! I would recommend them to anyone who needs hearing enhancement or protection

    Reverend Timothy D. Bryson, SC

  • The hearing devices work great and I am well satisfied. I would recommend your product to anyone if asked. Thanks

    Ronald Bowen, Palmer AK

  • My first experience with your hearing enhancement. Just after putting them in, then going to a business meeting was like turning back the clock 15 years. Shortly thereafter I pulled off I-15 and fired a .380 ACP, then a CAR 15 (.223). The sound reduction was outstanding. I am very happy with my purchase.

    Ben B. California

  • I wish to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with the Ultra Series Ear Protectors. I have used them shooting several times and using the sponge ear piece really makes the difference in not hearing the loud discharge of my pistols or revolvers. I use all 4 settings depending on where I am and what is happening. Most noticeable is in the house watching TV. It used to be my wife would keep asking me to turn the TV volume down because it is too loud. Now on beep 1, I set the volume for comfortable listening and not have to aggravate my wife with loudness. What usually happens now is my wife asks me to turn the volume up because it is to low for here to understand everything. So, I turn the volume up to where she wants it and that makes listening even more enjoyable for me. I like the sound of loud crashes, explosions and shoot outs. Bottom line is the Ultra series is an excellent product that gives me hearing that I would expect to pay $7,000 to $10,000 from an Audiologist. I know this because that was the range I was quoted when I went for a hearing test a year ago and didn’t purchase hearing aids at that time. I’m incredibly happy with the Ultra hearing protection and enhancement device.

    Richard Smith, Charlotte NC

  • I have been wearing Tactical hearing for about a year now. I Joined the Marines in the 80’s and was soon carrying a rifle in Fox Co. I Became among the first to carry the M249 Machine gun known as the SAW. Squad Automatic Weapon. By the time I got out, I had hearing damage and tinnitus. The first time I put on the Ultra HD I was amazed at how much I could hear. I had them on for about 30 minutes when I suddenly realized that I couldn’t hear the ringing in my ears. It was gone. Now I wear them every day. I no longer turn my head to hear. I love how they work when I go hunting, I don’t half to take them out to hear and when we shoot, I’m protected. I can hear again and I never half to worry about damaging my ears while shooting, mowing the lawn, using power tools ect. Thanks Tactical.

    Steven T. SLC, UT

  • I was in the Japanese military when I received quite a loss to my hearing due to an explosion. I am an avid shotgun shooter and need protection. Your TACTICAL Ultra HD has been the answer I have been looking for. I can now hear on the range again and I always wear them whenever I shoot. When shooting now I’m actually a better shot, no more flinching due to muzzle blast. Best decision I ever made!

    Yasutoshi Yodo, Tokyo

  • I’m very satisfied with my devices. They have really increased my ability to hear both in the office and out on the ranch. I have enjoyed the increase of sounds that I’ve forgotten.

    Bill Collier, TX

  • I have been very pleased with the range and clarity of Tactical Hearing. I have used Beltone for ten years until I came across you at the Houston hunting show last year. After being introduced to your product I am sold on it. The price at half the cost and the quality are hard to beat .I would recommend Tactical Hearing to all my friends .Thanks again,

    Lee Herron, TX

  • I love them….. Shooting mode is awesome on the range!!


    Mahlon Hull, WA

  • As a Professional pilot and race pilot I have found the TACTICAL HEARING Custom-Fit Ultra HD instruments to have superior performance in every way compared to the “hearing aids” I have been using. The protection I get is amazing. I would recommend them to any pilot

    My TACTICAL Ears work great! especially with my headset.

    Thanks for the great hearing enhancement.

    Rich Beardsley CA. (race & exhibition pilot)

  • I developed hi frequency hearing loss due to many years of construction noise and flying propeller airplanes without protection. As a pilot, wearing my Custom Fit devices under my headset allows me to hear what I’ve been missing while blocking out background noise that used to block my hearing. Now on take-offs I can hear friendly engine, prop, gear. flap operation noise without fear before switching on ANR headset protection during the remainder of flight.

    Herb Waldenmaier, NY

  • Received my hearing enhancement and protection devices last Thursday put them on and went into sensory overload, so many sounds that I had not heard in years. Working on jet engines for years and only using hearing protection sporadically when on the range left me with hearing loss in the higher frequencies, regular hearing wasn’t that great either. I am impressed with what these have done for in just the few days I have had them. I was tickled pink when for the first time in years I heard my turn signal, no more “honey the turn signal is still on”.
    Thanks Guys

    John H Goswick, Co

  • You sold me a pair of hearing protectors at the Pittsburgh NRA meeting last year. Your fitting was perfect as neither one of the plugs have ever whistled. That is a huge feat in itself. After I got your insruments and wore them for a while I sent them back for minor adjustments in several of the ranges. When I got them back the balance was perfect. The proof of the pudding is that I wear them every day as regular hearing enhancers. They are great on the range and great as a daily hearing enhancer.
    Keep up the good work.

    John Hotopp, WV

  • The amplification is outrageous!!! You get a A+

    Bob Sudderth, SC

  • Thought I would give you another quick testimonial.

    I took several good exotics on a recent hunt to the Hill Country in Texas – one was a magnificent Axis buck, I could hear it walking No One Else Could – I kept watching the area and finally spotted what was making the noise over 300 yrds away ! Unbelievable !! The outfitter said they been trying to get that buck for almost 3 yrs, could not figure out how he was giving them the slip – If they had a set of the CB HD-8 Series they would have taken him a long time ago. Kinda glad they did`nt but now its time they do 🙂

    Your Friend,

    PS. They really are the Best of the Best!

    Colorado Buck

  • Earlier this year, my wife and I attended the NRA annual meeting in St. Louis. During the day of visiting various booths and merchants, we came across yours. For some time my wife had been on to me about how bad my hearing was so we decided to check into your product. I had checked into “hearing aids” before but 1) was never impressed with the product, and 2) was unwilling to give up my first born child in order to buy just one unit.

    I wasn’t expecting much from this attempt either, but boy, was I wrong. I was very impressed with the product and the price floored me. And this was the price before the discount I received for purchasing the units at the meeting. But the real surprise was what occurred after I received the units.

    My wife and I live in the country and love to spend times sitting on our front porch enjoying the outdoors but when I got my units my ears heard the glory of nature like I hadn’t heard it in years. I was overjoyed that I could actually hear the song of the hummingbird and the sound of their wings beating.

    Thank you Tactical Hearing for giving me my hearing back.

    Johnnie Smith

  • The units work just fine!! I am very pleased with them. They fit perfectly. They are much better than the last units I was using.
    Kindest regards

    Dave Thomas, NSW, Australia

  • I have had my TACTICAL Ultra HD’s for over a month now, and I can tell you they are
    doing great!!

    I’d be happy to tell anyone else about them, too. The tiny #10 batteries last about a
    week, but that’s a small price to pay for better hearing.

    Thanks a lot! and we’ll see you next year at the Air Show.

    Eldon Penner, NV

  • I love my hearing protection, they fit and work perfectly. I have been singing your praises to all of my hunting buddies. Thanks again for getting them to me so promptly.

    Kelly Toombs, KS

  • I have been using very expensive hearing aids for 10 years now. They all had the same problem in that they amplified wind noise like someone blowing into a live microphone. These units from TACTICAL HEARING have solved this problem! I am a pilot and also enjoy motorcycling and shooting sports. As a pilot I can select a TACTICAL HEARING program that eliminates the aircraft’s engine noise but still allows me to hear the FAA controller’s voice clearly. As a motorcyclist I can select a program that eliminates the wind noise yet still allows me to communicate with my passenger.  And as designed, they work perfectly at the gun range.  Great Product!

    Jay Zimmerman, MN

  • I just received my custom devices and I am very pleased with the results. I can hear sounds I haven’t heard in a long time. My wife is pleased also because she doesn’t suffer a loud television or stereo. Thank you.

    Keith Widmar

  • Absolutely the finest ear protection I have ever used! Thank you for your phenomenal product. You’ve single handedly made my job even more enjoyable by giving me 10-12 hours per day of COMFORT and great hearing protection. Your customer service is above and beyond. Can’t thank you enough. Mahalo



    Ben Ellsworth Owner Kauai Eco Sporting Clays Kauai, HI

  • They are absolutely amazing!


    I just wanted to thank you for my new TACTICAL HEARING ear protectors – they are absolutely amazing!  They don’t even whistle when I’m on my phone.


    I wear them all day long and only remove them to sleep – they have changed my life.  As an active professional hunter I no longer have to worry about gunfire, and my overall hearing has greatly improved.


    I only wish that a product like this could have been available when I was younger as my ears would have been in much better shape today.




    John Sharp, Zimbabwe Africa

  • I have been using your products & service for many years now and wanted to tell
    you how wonderful they are. My hearing devices meet my needs exactly. They are great
    for everyday use and the sound suppression features works flawlessly whether I am firing
    a firearm or running a chainsaw. I have had to send my devices in for service
    infrequently and they are repaired (or cleaned) promptly. Keep up the good work.

    Jim D.

  • I demand the best from all of my equipment and hearing protection is no exception. I have never felt more protected than I do with TACTICAL HEARING products, I will not compete with anything else!

    Paul Ried PRS Pro Shooting Champion

  • This picture was taken at the Best in Texas match this past weekend where I was fourth in the expert division and 13th out of 98 shooters. I will only wear my tactical hearing custom ear protection and I feel like they’re one of the reasons I’ve improved. Thank you for making such a great product!

    Steph Bostwick

  • Ive tried all the Hearing systems out there and Ive finally found the best, TACTICAL HEARING

    Bob Faulkrod Hunting Legend