CUSTOM-FIT SERIES: “Customized to your exact ear canal”. The fit and comfort of this style is second to none.

Our custom instruments fit snugly inside the ear canal, and offer extreme comfort as they fit your ear perfectly. You will enjoy a higher level of noise reduction with the custom option due to the higher degree of its sealing in the ear canal. We always recommended the custom instrument for those with serious protection and enhancement as their primary objective.

Going Custom? Here’s what you do!

  1. 1. Get a hearing test.
  2. 2. Get impressions of your ear made (done along with you hearing test at any hearing center).
  3. 3. Submit results with your order.
  4. 4. Contact us with any questions along the way!

QUICK-FIT SERIES: “Universal fit”

The quick-fit system is a completely in the canal instrument that has a antimicrobial medical grade tip that seals inside the ear canal allowing the device to effectively protect the user from damaging sound as well as offering an incredible level of enhancement.


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OPEN-FIT SERIES: “Behind the ear”. Perfect for general use and archery.

For those with enhancement as their primary objective the open fit system is amazing. You will have natural sound as well as the incredible level of highly enhanced sound with this choice. Perfect for archery hunters, and bird watchers, or those who are just looking for phenominal hearing enhancement. The Open-Fit system is the style for you. With available foam tips open-fit also protects hearing.

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