Electronic Hearing Enhancement and Protection

If you’re taking your ears for granted, then listen up. Hearing loss may be one of the most common (and most frustrating) health problems in the U.S., but prevention can start with your daily activities. In today’s demanding world, we know that too much noise can damage our ears but we don’t do anything about it because it’s part of the job or the activity we love.

By wearing the necessary hearing protection, it’s possible to reduce the amount of noise that enters the ears. You don’t have to sacrifice your current job or the things you enjoy, though, because proper ear protection allows you to keep on doing the same activities without the risk.

Why Hearing Protection is Important

A healthy ear can hear frequencies up to 20,000 Hz, but over time that gradually decreases due to repeated and prolonged exposure to noise. Occupational hearing loss is among the most common work-related health concerns in the U.S.,affecting about 22 million workers, and causing $242 million annual spending on workers’ compensation, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Noise-related hearing loss affects a person’s quality of life, mainly with an inability to hear normal conversations or go about daily tasks. Many don’t realize this until it’s too late.

Hearing Protection You Can Trust

At TACTICAL HEARING, we think it’s important to keep your hearing in good condition. Our products don’t only keep your hearing safe, they can also improve it to make your activities easier to perform. We offer a range of hearing enhancement and protection products according to your budget, such as the T-2, M-4, TAC-U-4, and HD-8.

Browse through our protection devices and electronic hearing enhancement products today.

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