My mother is 72 years old and has never been around loud noise yet she has a severe loss of hearing. This is an issue that millions of people must deal with as they progress in age. Several different things are to blame for this hearing loss as we age. You have the human body that begins to break down. Eyesight fades, skin becomes thin, our internal organs struggle, prostate enlarges and a great many other things happen with age. In a nutshell we begin to fail ourselves and hearing is certainly not exempt from this failure, or breakdown. As we grow old our physical bodies wear out.

Hearing aids are available for hearing loss as we grow old or lose hearing due to many different reasons. Hearing aids or at least the quality hearing aids are not cheap. You can expect to pay five, six, even ten thousand dollars for a pair of digital hearing aids. These devices do a good job for the most part in helping with hearing loss, butt hearing help is about the limit of the capability in these hearing aids.

TACTICAL HEARING is a company that manufactures and builds high end advanced performance digital hearing protection and digital hearing enhancement solutions. These custom fitted instruments have the ability to mimic what you achieve with the most expensive hearing aids. Mimic may not be the best choice in words let’s say duplicate those results and give you the most advanced performance hearing enhancement achievable in a micro digital instrument. These TACTICAL HEARING devices not only offer incredible enhancement but they are primarily developed for hearing protection. Hearing protection for law enforcement. Hearing protection for military. Hearing protection for hunting. Hearing protection for shooting. Hearing protection for construction. Hearing protection for dentistry. Hearing protection for aviation and any other application where the user demands effective and state of the art hearing protection.

Now back to hearing loss. There are several different types of hearing loss and many different reasons for hearing loss. Hereditary hearing loss is something many will deal with. Hearing loss from noise related activities are another widely affected area that individuals suffer from. This generally comes from being exposed to sound beyond 85 decibels for an excessive period of time. Things like operation a jackhammer day in day out, or being around heavy equipment. You may even suffer sever hearing loss by using dental instruments. The reason you may have issues from these instruments are the continuous day in day out week after week, month after month, year after year. Individuals exposed to sounds 85 decibels and above for extended periods of time will suffer hearing loss. To give you an idea what 85 decibels is normal human speech is roughly 60 decibels. 85 decibels is not that loud. It is imperative that those exposed to these varying degrees of noise protect their hearing, or hearing loss will be the result and you will find yourself needing a hearing enhancement device.

TACTICAL HEARING offers several different solutions for the hearing impaired. These devices are hundreds even thousands of dollars less than your typical hearing aid.

For those needing help with their hearing the TACTICAL HEARING Digital hearing enhancement and digital hearing protection system may be the right choice for you.