tactical-hearing-HS-8-hunter-seriesWhile on a recent elk hunt I had the opportunity to utilize the TACTICAL HEARING HS-8 custom fitted hearing enhancement and hearing protection system from the company TACTICAL HEARING. These instruments are very small in fact you can hardly see them in your ear canal. They are custom fitted to each individual’s ear. This is done by having an impression or mold of each ear taken. The company then creates a custom shell perfectly fitted for each client’s ear. The devices are extremely comfortable and the enhancement achieved is incredible. They offer an amazing difference in the ability to hear what nature has to offer.

As is customary I sighted in my rifle again after arriving at the hunting camp. The protection from the TACTICAL HEARING devices is unbelievable. I took two different rifles on this particular hunt. Both have muzzle breaks and are extremely loud. I had a 375 ultra Mag as well as a 300 Ultra. With the custom –fitted TACTICAL HEARING HS-8 devices in my ears I could still hear the muzzle blast from each rifle but I heard it at a much lower level and I was completely protected from any damage due to the sighting in of my rifle.

Another amazing thing with the TACTICAL HEARING HS-8 hunter series hearing enhancement and protection devices is the clarity. The units offer a high def sound quality that as one of their tag lines state you can truly “hear the unheard”! In the mountains or any outdoor area in nature the ability to hear is unbelievable! Now in a hunting application it really is amazing, offering you the unique ability to hear more along the line of the game your chasing.

The TACTICAL HEARING HS-8 in the custom series has a volume control as well as a tiny button that operates four separate modes or settings for different situations or levels of gain and compression. Basically you have control of the amount of volume you want in the mode channels and can adjust the gain in each of those modes or settings with the volume control knob. This is extremely effective while you are walking or hiking into a ground blind or simply making your way through the woods. Setting number one gives you the most gain. It is sometimes referred to as the “bionic” setting because you can hear up to eight your normal capacity. I’m telling you its quite astounding the level of gain you hear in the first mode. Mode, or setting number two gives allot of gain as well but not quite the bionic amount in number one. Setting number three is more for noisy background situations and a good choice while your walking into your hunting spot or wind noise. Mode number four is the quietest of the modes and specifically for the greatest amount of protection. This is the mode you need to use when in very loud areas or doing allot of shooting. This mode number four has the wind-dampening feature and the most compression so while in lots of wind use mode four. Now any of the settings of modes in the TACTICAL HEARING HS-8 hunter series custom instrument offer protection from your muzzle blast. So if you’re in your hunting blind and have your TACTICAL HEARING, hearing protection for hunting in your ears and you are in the bionic mode with the volume turned all the way up, you are still protected from the muzzle blast when firing your weapon.

All in all the HS-8 hunter series TACTICAL HEARING custom hearing protection and hearing enhancement system is a super choice and one we recommend!