To many people today continue to neglect proper hearing protection, or in many cases don’t use any hearing protection at all. How often have you found yourself at a football game, or a concert where the noise level is extreme? There are so many places where we just don’t prepare, and find ourselves without any hearing protection. Crowd noise is just one area that truly can cause future issues with hearing. Take for example the many different sporting events that take place worldwide. Soccer for one is a sport that is becoming more popular here in the United States but in other countries around the world soccer or football is incredibly popular. The amount of spectators and attendees at a soccer (football) game in other countries is amazing, and the level of excitement and passion at these games from these fans is quite impressive. The passion, an often time even culminates into rather challenging behavior from fans. With this level of intensity at this sporting event the sound or degree of noise can often be as we have sometimes heard “deafening”.

Normal human speech is roughly around 60 decibels (dB). Our hearing begins to suffer damage at 85 decibels. 85 decibels is not that far away from normal speech. Crowd noise at passionate sporting events, in this case a international soccer game can reach upwards of 120dB. As reported by NBC news recently at a Seattle Seahawks American football game, (the Sea Hawks pride themselves in being very loud trying to throw off the opposing team) the stadium crowd was measured at an astounding and impressive decibel level of 131.9 This article will go into greater detail why subjecting yourself to decibel levels of this degree is not a good idea.

Crowd noise is a real problem and can and will cause great difficulties in the future of ones hearing if not properly dealt with at the time of the event. Wearing hearing protection is a very simple and easy way to combat the future effects of hearing loss due to crowd noise. As we spoke of earlier, sporting fans are incredibly passionate and love to rout for their team. This excitement and passion brings them back to these events and games over and over year after year. Now being subjected to the high degree of decibels in these situations will eventually take its toll on ones hearing. While at the game simply reaching into ones pocket or purse and pulling out a simple set of ear muffs of foam ear plugs will make the difference between hearing loss in the future or having the ability to hear. It is extremely important and easy to save your hearing from damage in these loud sporting arenas.

Many different types and styles of hearing protection are available. Everything from a 50 cent set of foam earplugs to a digital pair of earmuffs. There is very high end custom hearing protection also available like the instruments manufactures by TACTICAL HEARING. These custom micro extreme hearing protection devices are digital, and also allow the wearer to hear at the same time their hearing is being protected. The units have many different programing capabilities.

Due yourself a favor at the next sporting event you attend and take along proper hearing protection. You will not be sorry.