Traditional hearing aids became available many years ago and greatly help those with hearing loss. If you look back many hundreds even thousands of years ago devices were utilized by using large cone shaped devices with the small end inserted into the ear and the other person would then speak directly into the large opening on the other end. This was effective to a degree but only helped if the individual was close and could speak or yell directly into the cone.

As time and technology moved forward electronic hearing devices began to emerge. These were large and cumbersome behind the ear units that were analog and somewhat of a challenge. They did offer help with the hearing loss so it was huge progress. Now we have digital technology that can be programmed for different situations and help with background noise and many other detailed areas of daily life. Hearing aids today come in many different styles, sizes and models all of them enhance hearing but none of them are focused or have the ability to protect hearing. The hearing aid industry is focused on doing what they do aid with hearing loss.

Now what to do if you need both hearing help and hearing protection? You certainly can use one of many different earplug type devices, but you will need to remove the hearing aid and replace it with the hearing protection device. A perfect and high end solution is the hearing protection and hearing enhancement systems manufactured and offered by TACTICAL HEARING. These units are accomplishing several things at the same time. More specifically they digitally enhance your hearing and they protect your hearing from damaging noise at the some time. This is accomplished with technology in the micro processing circuitry. The hearing protection systems and hearing enhancement systems offered by TACTICAL HEARING utilize some of the same high-end digital electronic components that you will find in the latest model hearing aids. The great difference is the company’s primary focus is on hearing protection, and hearing protection for law enforcement, hearing protection for military, hearing protection for hunting, hearing protection for dentistry, hearing protection for agriculture, hearing protection for construction and the list goes on and on.

The digital hearing protection and hearing enhancement systems offered through TACTICAL HEARING have the unique ability to be custom programmed for each specific individuals hearing loss, of hearing needs. This allows the hearing systems to work not only as a hearing protection device but also as a hearing enhancement device. So the user has the specialized ability to be able to hear lost conversations and frequencies that have been damage and have their hearing protected at the same time.

Take a construction worker for example. The noise on the job can vary from normal to extremely damaging based on the type of equipment the person is using or around or that moment. Having a simple earplug in will help protect from damage but each time communication or talking to other employees, coworker etc is needed the device needs to be removed. TACTICAL HEARING is the solution. High end digital hearing protection and extreme hearing enhancement in one custom device.