We are preparing for two rather lengthy trade shows, which will both take place in Las Vegas Nevada. These shows are part of the Cowboy Christmas events that take place around the National Rodeo Finals or NFR finals. We have participated in these several years and have many clients we look forward to seeing and speaking with again. These events span over roughly a 10 – 11 day period and tens of thousands of individuals, families, couples and cowboys will be attending and walking through the various different locations, booths, convention centers and tents. Its always a good time.

Because this is the NFR there will be hundreds even thousands of hard working, salt of the earth farmers, agricultural workers, ranchers, folks who take showers after work -simply good hard working people from all around our great nation. Many of these hard working individuals are exposed to damaging noise in different frequencies on a daily basis, and we have the good fortune of being able to make a life changing difference in many of their lives.

Take for example Gary. We met him last year at the Roper Country Christmas trade show event where we have a booth set up over the 10-day period of the NFR show. He is a rancher and farmer who is working from sun up till sun down. He is feeding the livestock, repairing loud equipment. Running trackers harvesting crops, driving trucks and in a four-wheeler checking fence lines almost every day. Many of these activities include equipment that has large diesel engines and extremely noisy exhausts systems. His wife Angie saw us and took him by the arm and brought him over to our booth. She asked us to “please help my husband, he cant hear what I’m saying anymore”. She seemed desperate and very sincere. We took a few minutes and asked them some questions and explained to them what it is we do and described our products. They were intrigued so we brought them around the table and into our booth where we offered them a seat and began to perform a hearing screen to get a reading where his frequencies loss is. This helps us to determine which one of our devices will do the best job based on the amount of help he needs. His hearing loss was profound in the high frequencies and much worse in his left ear. He had spend allot of time shooting guns in his youth with his father and the large tractor he spend hours on almost daily had a large exhaust pipe right out the left window. Of course hearing protection was never worn so the damage now was permanent and he and his wife dealt with difficulties in communication each and every day.

We were able to explain that our TACTICAL HEARING instruments both protect and enhance hearing and why our devices would be such a effective choice for his situation. We can program the units for his damage and his hearing will now be protected from the damaging sounds of the daily exposure he faces with all of his activities around the ranch.

We made ear impression for him and built him a custom pair of one of our top of the line hearing enhancement and hearing protection systems. He and his wife both called me several weeks late thanking us for the great change in their quality of life.

What a terrific experience to have, and we are lucky to have this happen with many of our great clients.

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