TACTICAL HEARING is a perfect fit for a great many areas i.e. in the outdoors when you would need to hear much better and protect your hearing (hunting, shooting, motorcycle riding, NASCAR, archery [enhancement only], etc.), concerts, industrial, and construction environments, professional setting (medical, dentistry, etc.), airline workers, or anyone else who would need hearing protection while maintaining the ability to hear.  Reducing the impact on your eardrum also will greatly reduces flinching when firing a shot, which actually helps you shoot more accurately. Protect your ears from hunting partners or clients [professional hunters] from having a shot fired to close to your ears. Tactical Hearing also boasts the finest, background noise reduction technology available. This technology greatly reduces background noise and offers superior hearing performance in other noisy environments i.e.noisy restaurants, large groups, sporting events, etc. TACTICAL HEARING is truly one of the most revolutionary new product lines available today for the outdoorsman and woman.

TACTICAL HEARING’s superior Digital Electronic Technology is one of the most advanced of its kind. The circuitry amplifies from 35 dB to 48 dB. All sounds will be compressed once they hit 90 dB. The circuit is designed to compress sounds 85 – 90 dB so your ears are protected. The circuits are separate so you still have the ability to hear while your ears are protected.

TACTICAL HEARING settings are approximately programmed for 85- 90 dB and will shutoff at that range. This can also be programmed according to the customers’ requests. Higher or lower dB shut off ranges are available upon request.

Hearing aids generally amplify, but TACTICAL HEARING’s products are designed specifically for sportsman and women offering maximum compression circuitry for superior hearing protection. TACTICAL HEARING products also give you up to 48dB of gain. This means your hearing can increase up to 6 times normal hearing.

The same digital and electronic component’s that are in “hearing aids” are also in our TACTICAL HEARING devices with the addition of the protection. TACTICAL HEARING is not a “hearing aid”. TACTICAL HEARING is advanced performance electronic hearing protection and enhancement.

TACTICAL HEARING models are water resistant, not waterproof or submersible. If you get it wet, try drying it out for a day or two and then call TACTICAL HEARING for help if necessary. Generally, TACTICAL HEARING Products are fine in rainy conditions and only have problems when fully submersed. TACTICAL HEARING also offers a custom sleeve for added protection in rough weather and dusty environments, (for our behind the ear models).

TACTICAL HEARING uses standard, size #10, hearing aid battery, Which are sold in grocery stores , mart stores pharmacies, etc. Batteries are rated for 140 hours use. Generally five to seven days of continuous use.

The difference between manual steering and power steering. Digital can also be programmed and reprogrammed to the individual’s exact needs. TACTICAL HEARING’s 100% Digital technology delivers superior stereo sound quality. Our Ultra model comes in HD as well.

TACTICAL HEARING  products are covered with a 5 year original manufacturer’s parts warranty and 1 year service warranty.  If you experience any problem with our products, please contact our customer service dept. Should an instrument require factory service, send the instrument and a copy of your receipt to us along with a brief letter describing the problem, and $29.95 for shipping and handling.  Be sure to pack the instrument in a proper container to prevent damage in shipping. You may also wish to insure you shipment.

  • The majority of TACTICAL HEARING’s customers are financially comfortable and willing to spend for a higher quality superior device.
  • Generally customers are in their Mid 40’s and older
  • Active hunters and sportsmen/women, law enforcement, swat, military, professional shooters
  • Generally aren’t willing to accept the fact they need “hearing aids”, but they know they do. They are typically more open to a TACTICAL HEARING product with the benefit of protection.
  • People wanting hearing enhancement and hearing protection, so they can get the maximum use from both in one unit at the same time.
  • Ex military service men/women, professional or service careers, heavy equipment operators, shooters, hunting guides, people getting up there in age.

TACTICAL HEARING products come factory programmed for enhanced high frequency amplification (excellent for the outdoors and those people who suffer from high tone hearing loss).TACTICAL HEARING is an electronic hearing protection and enhancement device. TACTICAL HEARING products are not “hearing aids” but are manufactured with the same electronic components found in “hearing aids”.

So they can hear better then ever in the outdoors.

So they can protect their hearing from getting worse, especially from the permanently damaging effects of muzzle blast, or any loud damaging sounds.

It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks depending on the model, programming, and style.


You need to go to your nearest Audiologist or hearing specialist and get a set of impressions made (ear molds).

Then simply mail them to us and we will custom fit your TACTICAL HEARING product specifically to your ears.

Yes, Our Quick – Fit model is made to fit comfortably in any persons ear canal.

Children may need to look at the behind the ear unit however due to age and growth rate.

Think in terms of the difference between tape cassette sound versus CD high-fidelity sound. Most people can easily hear the difference.TACTICAL HEARING is like power steering for your ears.

TACTICAL HEARING utilizes 100% digital technology because it offers the best possible hearing experience for our customers. Competitors sell analog technology and call it HD – for “High Definition”. Real high definition sound quality comes from 100% digital technology. This also allows a hearing device to be programmed and reprogrammed to an individual’s personal hearing profile for the best results and hearing clarity. Also clean 100% digital sound quality virtually eliminates static or tunnel sound found in inferior products.

TACTICAL HEARING Quick – Fit devices are designed for over the counter sales and fit most people comfortably. A special tip help secure the devices comfortably in the ear. For the most precise and comfortable fit, Custom Fit devices are available directly from our facility. Call our office for details.

It is important to insert batteries properly into your TACTICAL HEARING devices. Always match the plus (+) side of the battery with the plus (+) side of the compartment door. Most zinc air cell batteries have the plus sign marked on the protective tape. Once the tape is removed, it’s easy to forget which is the plus and the negative. When inserted properly the battery door should close very easily and the unit will work. If inserted improperly, the door will be very difficult to close and the unit will not work. TACTICAL HEARING utilizes a #10 battery for Quick – Fit Custom – Fit and Open – Fit/ Behind the Ear devices.

See our online instruction manuals for easy to follow instructions on how to start using your TACTICAL HEARING products.

If you are unsure or have questions, call our customer service dept.

When amplification is used, you need a good seal in your ear so the amplified sound doesn’t escape around your ear plug and back out the ear creating a whistle sound or feedback. The key to eliminating most whistling is to adjust the fit in your ears as securely as possible. If you need help or advice, please call TACTICAL HEARING.

In-the-Ear (Quick – Fit) devices range between a 25-30 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), while Open – Fit devices range between 29-31 dB. Note: The quality of the seal of the device in your ear will help determine the NRR of the TACTICAL HEARING device.

Over 95% of our customers purchase and prefer wearing two TACTICAL HEARING devices.

  1. Both of your ears need to be protected
  2. Stereo sound quality vs. mono sound quality
  3. Better sense of balance and equilibrium
  4. Dramatically improved directionality in the field for 360° hearing
  5. Wearing one TACTICAL HEARING device works fine, but wearing two will increase your overall hearing satisfaction, dramatically improve your chances in the field, and protect both of your ears from muzzle blast and other dangerous noise.
  6. It seems self-defeating to increase hearing capacity in one ear and block hearing in the other!

When someone has poor hearing on one side, the sounds seem to come through on the good ear of that person throwing off their sense of direction and equilibrium. The best way to correct this is to purchase two TACTICAL HEARING devices and have them programmed specifically to each ear. This will give a greater sense of balance to your hearing, improve your equilibrium and hearing advantage, and give a greater sense of satisfaction.

All hearing devices amplify sound, but TACTICAL HEARING devices are 100% digital and specifically designed with sound wave compression algorithms that protect ears from damaging noise and muzzle blast percussion.

TACTICAL HEARING devices are water resistant, not waterproof or submersible. If you get the devices wet, simply remove and dry off. If they stop working in rainy conditions, remove devices and let them dry out for a day – then check to see they are working properly. If not, call TACTICAL HEARING for instructions. TACTICAL HEARING also offers a protective cover for the Open -Fit devices.

Faintest sound heard by human ear – 0 dB

Whisper, quiet library – 30 dB

Normal conversation, sewing machine, typewriter – 60 dB

Lawnmower, shop tools, truck traffic – 90 dB

Chainsaw, pneumatic drill, snowmobile – 100 dB

Sandblasting, loud rock concert, auto horn – 115 dB

Gun muzzle blast, jet engine (such noise can cause pain and even brief exposure injures unprotected ears) – 149 dB

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s limit for noise without hearing protectors – 140 dB

Exposure to impulsive or impact noise should not exceed 140 dB peak sound pressure level.

If the variations in noise level involve maxima at intervals of 1 second or less, it is to be considered continuous.

Sounds 85dB and above over a period of time will create hearing damage. osha.gov

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