Love my horse

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National Day of the Horse Few things are better that a horse ride in the mountains of Utah. The clean air, cool breeze, smell of the pine trees and Aspens. Having my TACTICAL HEARING in makes it that much better. I can really “Hear in Color” love my horse Smokey Joe!!


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We strive to always do and be our best. We get that life is challenging, we have “been there and done that” so we know how critical it is to do what you say and say what you do. is something that exudes from our clients and we hope to be able to always show… Read more »

Grandpa’s Angel

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Few things in life equal time with Papa and his little angel. Family truly is everything and everything is family. The #1 priority at TACTICAL HEARING is family. We are family owned and operated we do everything for the improvement of hearing so with the loss of hearing you will still have the ability hear… Read more »

Hearing damage?

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Do you or someone you love suffer from hearing damage? Our family has struggled with this challenge for decades. Believe me we dearly care about this subject.Hearing loss not only affects the individual but all the friends and family who are close to that individual. Certain mental disorders have been linked to hearing loss and… Read more »

Farmers and hearing loss

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We are preparing for two rather lengthy trade shows, which will both take place in Las Vegas Nevada. These shows are part of the Cowboy Christmas events that take place around the National Rodeo Finals or NFR finals. We have participated in these several years and have many clients we look forward to seeing and… Read more »