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My mother is 72 years old and has never been around loud noise yet she has a severe loss of hearing. This is an issue that millions of people must deal with as they progress in age. Several different things are to blame for this hearing loss as we age. You have the human body that begins to break down. Eyesight fades, skin becomes thin, our internal organs struggle, prostate enlarges and a great many other things happen with age. In a nutshell we begin to fail ourselves and hearing is certainly not exempt from this failure, or breakdown. As we grow old our physical bodies wear out.

Hearing aids are available for hearing loss as we grow old or lose hearing due to many different reasons. Hearing aids or at least the quality hearing aids are not cheap. You can expect to pay five, six, even ten thousand dollars for a pair of digital hearing aids. These devices do a good job for the most part in helping with hearing loss, butt hearing help is about the limit of the capability in these hearing aids.

TACTICAL HEARING is a company that manufactures and builds high end advanced performance digital hearing protection and digital hearing enhancement solutions. These custom fitted instruments have the ability to mimic what you achieve with the most expensive hearing aids. Mimic may not be the best choice in words let’s say duplicate those results and give you the most advanced performance hearing enhancement achievable in a micro digital instrument. These TACTICAL HEARING devices not only offer incredible enhancement but they are primarily developed for hearing protection. Hearing protection for law enforcement. Hearing protection for military. Hearing protection for hunting. Hearing protection for shooting. Hearing protection for construction. Hearing protection for dentistry. Hearing protection for aviation and any other application where the user demands effective and state of the art hearing protection.

Now back to hearing loss. There are several different types of hearing loss and many different reasons for hearing loss. Hereditary hearing loss is something many will deal with. Hearing loss from noise related activities are another widely affected area that individuals suffer from. This generally comes from being exposed to sound beyond 85 decibels for an excessive period of time. Things like operation a jackhammer day in day out, or being around heavy equipment. You may even suffer sever hearing loss by using dental instruments. The reason you may have issues from these instruments are the continuous day in day out week after week, month after month, year after year. Individuals exposed to sounds 85 decibels and above for extended periods of time will suffer hearing loss. To give you an idea what 85 decibels is normal human speech is roughly 60 decibels. 85 decibels is not that loud. It is imperative that those exposed to these varying degrees of noise protect their hearing, or hearing loss will be the result and you will find yourself needing a hearing enhancement device.

TACTICAL HEARING offers several different solutions for the hearing impaired. These devices are hundreds even thousands of dollars less than your typical hearing aid.

For those needing help with their hearing the TACTICAL HEARING Digital hearing enhancement and digital hearing protection system may be the right choice for you.

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We are preparing for two rather lengthy trade shows, which will both take place in Las Vegas Nevada. These shows are part of the Cowboy Christmas events that take place around the National Rodeo Finals or NFR finals. We have participated in these several years and have many clients we look forward to seeing and speaking with again. These events span over roughly a 10 – 11 day period and tens of thousands of individuals, families, couples and cowboys will be attending and walking through the various different locations, booths, convention centers and tents. Its always a good time.

Because this is the NFR there will be hundreds even thousands of hard working, salt of the earth farmers, agricultural workers, ranchers, folks who take showers after work -simply good hard working people from all around our great nation. Many of these hard working individuals are exposed to damaging noise in different frequencies on a daily basis, and we have the good fortune of being able to make a life changing difference in many of their lives.

Take for example Gary. We met him last year at the Roper Country Christmas trade show event where we have a booth set up over the 10-day period of the NFR show. He is a rancher and farmer who is working from sun up till sun down. He is feeding the livestock, repairing loud equipment. Running trackers harvesting crops, driving trucks and in a four-wheeler checking fence lines almost every day. Many of these activities include equipment that has large diesel engines and extremely noisy exhausts systems. His wife Angie saw us and took him by the arm and brought him over to our booth. She asked us to “please help my husband, he cant hear what I’m saying anymore”. She seemed desperate and very sincere. We took a few minutes and asked them some questions and explained to them what it is we do and described our products. They were intrigued so we brought them around the table and into our booth where we offered them a seat and began to perform a hearing screen to get a reading where his frequencies loss is. This helps us to determine which one of our devices will do the best job based on the amount of help he needs. His hearing loss was profound in the high frequencies and much worse in his left ear. He had spend allot of time shooting guns in his youth with his father and the large tractor he spend hours on almost daily had a large exhaust pipe right out the left window. Of course hearing protection was never worn so the damage now was permanent and he and his wife dealt with difficulties in communication each and every day.

We were able to explain that our TACTICAL HEARING instruments both protect and enhance hearing and why our devices would be such a effective choice for his situation. We can program the units for his damage and his hearing will now be protected from the damaging sounds of the daily exposure he faces with all of his activities around the ranch.

We made ear impression for him and built him a custom pair of one of our top of the line hearing enhancement and hearing protection systems. He and his wife both called me several weeks late thanking us for the great change in their quality of life.

What a terrific experience to have, and we are lucky to have this happen with many of our great clients.

If you have any questions about our products, please email us!

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Traditional hearing aids became available many years ago and greatly help those with hearing loss. If you look back many hundreds even thousands of years ago devices were utilized by using large cone shaped devices with the small end inserted into the ear and the other person would then speak directly into the large opening on the other end. This was effective to a degree but only helped if the individual was close and could speak or yell directly into the cone.

As time and technology moved forward electronic hearing devices began to emerge. These were large and cumbersome behind the ear units that were analog and somewhat of a challenge. They did offer help with the hearing loss so it was huge progress. Now we have digital technology that can be programmed for different situations and help with background noise and many other detailed areas of daily life. Hearing aids today come in many different styles, sizes and models all of them enhance hearing but none of them are focused or have the ability to protect hearing. The hearing aid industry is focused on doing what they do aid with hearing loss.

Now what to do if you need both hearing help and hearing protection? You certainly can use one of many different earplug type devices, but you will need to remove the hearing aid and replace it with the hearing protection device. A perfect and high end solution is the hearing protection and hearing enhancement systems manufactured and offered by TACTICAL HEARING. These units are accomplishing several things at the same time. More specifically they digitally enhance your hearing and they protect your hearing from damaging noise at the some time. This is accomplished with technology in the micro processing circuitry. The hearing protection systems and hearing enhancement systems offered by TACTICAL HEARING utilize some of the same high-end digital electronic components that you will find in the latest model hearing aids. The great difference is the company’s primary focus is on hearing protection, and hearing protection for law enforcement, hearing protection for military, hearing protection for hunting, hearing protection for dentistry, hearing protection for agriculture, hearing protection for construction and the list goes on and on.

The digital hearing protection and hearing enhancement systems offered through TACTICAL HEARING have the unique ability to be custom programmed for each specific individuals hearing loss, of hearing needs. This allows the hearing systems to work not only as a hearing protection device but also as a hearing enhancement device. So the user has the specialized ability to be able to hear lost conversations and frequencies that have been damage and have their hearing protected at the same time.

Take a construction worker for example. The noise on the job can vary from normal to extremely damaging based on the type of equipment the person is using or around or that moment. Having a simple earplug in will help protect from damage but each time communication or talking to other employees, coworker etc is needed the device needs to be removed. TACTICAL HEARING is the solution. High end digital hearing protection and extreme hearing enhancement in one custom device.

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To many people today continue to neglect proper hearing protection, or in many cases don’t use any hearing protection at all. How often have you found yourself at a football game, or a concert where the noise level is extreme? There are so many places where we just don’t prepare, and find ourselves without any hearing protection. Crowd noise is just one area that truly can cause future issues with hearing. Take for example the many different sporting events that take place worldwide. Soccer for one is a sport that is becoming more popular here in the United States but in other countries around the world soccer or football is incredibly popular. The amount of spectators and attendees at a soccer (football) game in other countries is amazing, and the level of excitement and passion at these games from these fans is quite impressive. The passion, an often time even culminates into rather challenging behavior from fans. With this level of intensity at this sporting event the sound or degree of noise can often be as we have sometimes heard “deafening”.

Normal human speech is roughly around 60 decibels (dB). Our hearing begins to suffer damage at 85 decibels. 85 decibels is not that far away from normal speech. Crowd noise at passionate sporting events, in this case a international soccer game can reach upwards of 120dB. As reported by NBC news recently at a Seattle Seahawks American football game, (the Sea Hawks pride themselves in being very loud trying to throw off the opposing team) the stadium crowd was measured at an astounding and impressive decibel level of 131.9 This article will go into greater detail why subjecting yourself to decibel levels of this degree is not a good idea.

Crowd noise is a real problem and can and will cause great difficulties in the future of ones hearing if not properly dealt with at the time of the event. Wearing hearing protection is a very simple and easy way to combat the future effects of hearing loss due to crowd noise. As we spoke of earlier, sporting fans are incredibly passionate and love to rout for their team. This excitement and passion brings them back to these events and games over and over year after year. Now being subjected to the high degree of decibels in these situations will eventually take its toll on ones hearing. While at the game simply reaching into ones pocket or purse and pulling out a simple set of ear muffs of foam ear plugs will make the difference between hearing loss in the future or having the ability to hear. It is extremely important and easy to save your hearing from damage in these loud sporting arenas.

Many different types and styles of hearing protection are available. Everything from a 50 cent set of foam earplugs to a digital pair of earmuffs. There is very high end custom hearing protection also available like the instruments manufactures by TACTICAL HEARING. These custom micro extreme hearing protection devices are digital, and also allow the wearer to hear at the same time their hearing is being protected. The units have many different programing capabilities.

Due yourself a favor at the next sporting event you attend and take along proper hearing protection. You will not be sorry.


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tactical-hearing-HS-8-hunter-seriesWhile on a recent elk hunt I had the opportunity to utilize the TACTICAL HEARING HS-8 custom fitted hearing enhancement and hearing protection system from the company TACTICAL HEARING. These instruments are very small in fact you can hardly see them in your ear canal. They are custom fitted to each individual’s ear. This is done by having an impression or mold of each ear taken. The company then creates a custom shell perfectly fitted for each client’s ear. The devices are extremely comfortable and the enhancement achieved is incredible. They offer an amazing difference in the ability to hear what nature has to offer.

As is customary I sighted in my rifle again after arriving at the hunting camp. The protection from the TACTICAL HEARING devices is unbelievable. I took two different rifles on this particular hunt. Both have muzzle breaks and are extremely loud. I had a 375 ultra Mag as well as a 300 Ultra. With the custom –fitted TACTICAL HEARING HS-8 devices in my ears I could still hear the muzzle blast from each rifle but I heard it at a much lower level and I was completely protected from any damage due to the sighting in of my rifle.

Another amazing thing with the TACTICAL HEARING HS-8 hunter series hearing enhancement and protection devices is the clarity. The units offer a high def sound quality that as one of their tag lines state you can truly “hear the unheard”! In the mountains or any outdoor area in nature the ability to hear is unbelievable! Now in a hunting application it really is amazing, offering you the unique ability to hear more along the line of the game your chasing.

The TACTICAL HEARING HS-8 in the custom series has a volume control as well as a tiny button that operates four separate modes or settings for different situations or levels of gain and compression. Basically you have control of the amount of volume you want in the mode channels and can adjust the gain in each of those modes or settings with the volume control knob. This is extremely effective while you are walking or hiking into a ground blind or simply making your way through the woods. Setting number one gives you the most gain. It is sometimes referred to as the “bionic” setting because you can hear up to eight your normal capacity. I’m telling you its quite astounding the level of gain you hear in the first mode. Mode, or setting number two gives allot of gain as well but not quite the bionic amount in number one. Setting number three is more for noisy background situations and a good choice while your walking into your hunting spot or wind noise. Mode number four is the quietest of the modes and specifically for the greatest amount of protection. This is the mode you need to use when in very loud areas or doing allot of shooting. This mode number four has the wind-dampening feature and the most compression so while in lots of wind use mode four. Now any of the settings of modes in the TACTICAL HEARING HS-8 hunter series custom instrument offer protection from your muzzle blast. So if you’re in your hunting blind and have your TACTICAL HEARING, hearing protection for hunting in your ears and you are in the bionic mode with the volume turned all the way up, you are still protected from the muzzle blast when firing your weapon.

All in all the HS-8 hunter series TACTICAL HEARING custom hearing protection and hearing enhancement system is a super choice and one we recommend!