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Four of the five Sparks brothers at our Family Christmas party last evening. Matt the youngest had another date with his new born son!! We want to extend our deepest congratulations to his he and his wife. What a blessing to have this angel at this wonderful time of year!! Congratulations Matt Sparks and Noel… Read more »

Bob Foulkrod

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Bob Foulkrod has hunted from sweltering Africa to the frigid North. Bob is known as one of the premier hunters in the world and is a strong advocate of archery education. Inducted into the Anderson archery International Bowhunters Hall of Fame in 1993, as well as the International and National Hall of Fame and has… Read more »

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Darrin Johns our VP of sales on the South Island of New Zealand a few yrs ago. Darrin is an invaluable member of the TACTICAL HEARING family and is almost solely responsible for all national and international sales. Darrin is the single father of three boys and a fine example. Over several years Darrin has… Read more »


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My beautiful family; It is difficult for me to imagine life without being able to clearly hear these ladies. In our business we deal with hundreds of clients each year who have this very problem. Hearing loss whether it’s from age, or noise usually affects the high frequencies. Women and children’s voices are in those… Read more »

Love my horse

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National Day of the Horse Few things are better that a horse ride in the mountains of Utah. The clean air, cool breeze, smell of the pine trees and Aspens. Having my TACTICAL HEARING in makes it that much better. I can really “Hear in Color” love my horse Smokey Joe!!