Hearing Protection For Shooting Enthusiasts

photo_2TACTICAL HEARING’s shooters custom hearing protection helps block out sudden noises, such as those created by muzzle blasts, while still allowing you to hear distant sounds and sounds around you. In any situation involving gunfire, you need to protect your ears from damaging sounds. Shooters hearing protection from TACTICAL HEARING will provide you with the advanced performance instruments you need, to do the quality job you desire.

Shooting Trap? TACTICAL HEARING is perfect for trap shooters. You will clearly hear the release of the trap while also hearing the range commands. All this while your ears are protected through a micro TACTICAL HEARING protective device.

You will become a better shot knowing the muzzle blast when firing will not cause you to flinch, or cause damage to your ears.

The shooter’s hearing protection products offered from TACTICAL HEARING are of the highest quality and made from the most advanced digital technology available in the USA. You won’t find a better price for such a superior product anywhere. This is the Best there is!

… I shot in a 270 shot pistol match yesterday with them on the number 4 setting. They worked great. I was able to hear the commands clearly and the units made the 17 guns going off all at once very comfortable. – Dave Salyer, SC

…. I pulled off I-15 and fired a .380 ACP, then a CAR 15 (.223). The sound reduction was outstanding. I am very happy with my purchase. – Ben B. California