Hearing Protection For Military

TACTICAL HEARING is an Invaluable tool used by Military Experts in the most critical situations.

It is a well known fact that when it comes to the Industries Finest Military Hearing Protection, TACTICAL HEARING is Always the first choice!

You must protect your hearing with quality hearing protection to avoid hearing damage. You can find the highest level of comfort while receiving long distance sound amplification in one device. The circuit in our device is so fast it will literally block each blast from a fully automatic machinegun. Sounds are compressed at roughly 4 milliseconds.

TACTICAL HEARING has proudly served all branches of the United States Department of Defense, as well as international forces, law enforcement agencies and private security contractors.

TACTICAL HEARING PROTECTION is the most effective way to enhance your hearing in any tactical, law enforcement or military environment. TACTICAL HEARING protection allows you to hear the subtle sounds of opposing forces long before they are visible. At the same time, TACTICAL HEARING protection and enhancement functions as the most advanced hearing protection available against the damage caused by the muzzle blast of your weapon, explosions, aircraft or sudden dangerous noise. (30-35dB NRR)

TACTICAL HEARING is proud to offer the most advanced state of the art military hearing enhancement and protection custom products available.

I have been wearing TACTICAL HEARING for about a year now.  I Joined the Marines in the 80’s and was soon carrying a rifle in Fox Co. I Became among the first to carry the M249 Machine gun known as the SAW.  Squad Automatic Weapon.  By the time I got out, I had hearing damage and tinnitus.  The first time I put on the Custom HD-8 I was amazed at how much I could hear.  I had them on for about 30 minutes when I suddenly realized that I couldn’t hear the ringing in my ears.  It was gone.  Now I wear them every day.  I no longer turn my head to hear.  I love how they work when I go hunting, I don’t half to take them out to hear and when we shoot, I’m protected.  I can hear again and I never half to worry about damaging my ears while shooting, mowing the lawn, using power tools ect.  Thanks TACTICAL HEARING!. – Steven T. SLC, UT