Hearing Protection and Enhancement for Hunting

Extreme Protection and Enhancement for the Advanced Hunting Athlete™


Superior All New HD Sound Quality!


TACTICAL HEARING is Proud to be recognized as the industries innovative leader in extreme performance high end custom hearing enhancement and protection systems for the hunting athlete!

No matter what type of hunting activity you seek, TACTICAL HEARING’s extreme enhancement and protection systems will make it more enjoyable, and more successful!

You will clearly hear like the game your chasing with our micro custom-fit hearing enhancement and protection system.

For archery hunters who seek only enhancement, you will gain a tremendous advantage in the blind, or tree stand. You will experience an increase in hearing 8-10 times your normal capabilities. Our models give you up to and beyond 48dB of gain, Now you will finally be able to hear like the game your chasing while protecting it at the same time. Simply put… there is nothing better!

We offer the best in extreme hearing enhancement, and hunting hearing protection in the industry. Whether you need shooting protection, while on safari in Africa or hunting in Alaska, New Zealand; or even while hunting in your own backyard. You will always find high end enhancement, comfort and safety in TACTICAL HEARING’s micro custom fit enhancement and protection system.


  • Although hearing protection is often recommended, there are still hunters that do not use it.  Many may have a hearing loss already. For those with a sensorineural hearing loss, and for those new to the shooting sports without a hearing loss, it is important to protect all residual hearing.
  • Take hearing safety seriously and learn how TACTICAL HEARING’s hunting hearing protection will protect your hearing while highly enhancing it at the same time.


“As hunters we use the best guns, ammo, optics, boots, and clothing money can buy.  Yet we often over look one of the most important aspects in the field, our sense of hearing!  That’s why I rely solely on TACTICAL HEARING, both for protection and audio enhancement while at the range and in the field.  You only get one set of ears, take care of them.  I take care of mine, with TACTICAL HEARING!”

Aaron Neilson – Host of “Trijicon’s World of Sports Afield” on the Sportsman Channel.