General Use Hearing Enhancement

TACTICAL HEARING offers 100% digital advanced performance electronic devices. Our products are not “hearing aids” but rather a personal enhancement and protection system that allow you the ability to hear well beyond normal while protecting your hearing at the same time.

Perfect for sporting or general use where enhancement or protection is needed. If you’re looking for hearing protection devices, you came to the right place.

The components in our products are the same that are used in high-end “hearing-aid” and enhancement devices. We have added a compression circuit that engages at 85dB, giving you maximum hearing protection, and our custom devices have an approximate 32-35 dB NRR while allowing you up to and beyond 48dB of gain. This is a great deal of power and will make a tremendous difference for bird watching, outdoor enthusiasts, sporting, daily conversations at home, and for anyone who is looking for hearing enhancement and protection.

We can program the devices for your individual hearing requirements. You just need to send us a recent “audio-gram” (hearing test).

We have three different styles of our models for you to choose. The Open-Fit or behind the ear; the Quick-Fit or inner canal, also known as our universal fit; and the Custom-Fit, which is customized to your exact ear canal.

The performance, fit and comfort level of our products are second to none.

Hearing protection devices are perfect for any noisy environment or sport, indoors or out.

If you are exposed to noisy environments through your profession or recreational activities (such as shooting, aviation, or dentistry), then you most likely need hearing protection. Call us today to learn more about our products and how they can help enhance your hearing while protecting it from further damage. In addition, if you are interested in enhancing your hearing to clearly hear the exciting sounds of nature, loved ones and the outdoors call to learn how TACTICAL HEARING can truly allow you to Re-Discover life!

I have never bought a hearing aid or a hearing enhancement device, because I was told by a medical doctor that they would do no good. I purchased the Ultra HD anyway, and to my surprise, I can hear sounds that I haven’t heard in ten or more years. These things work and they work very well! It is almost as another world with sounds has been given to me. I wear them all the time, shooting, watching a movie and actually understanding what is being said, and everywhere else. I have friends who have paid more than three times what I paid for the Ultras for their hearing aids and they do not work as well as the Ultra protection and enhancement devices. Thanks for a great product; it really makes a difference in the quality of my life! I would recommend them to anyone who needs hearing enhancement or protection. – Reverend Timothy D. Bryson, SC

Call us today to learn how our hearing enhancement and protection device can work for you!