Hearing Protection for Aviation

TACTICAL HEARING improves aviator performance!

IMG_0812_1In the world of aviation, many pilots have flown for years without proper aviation hearing protection. In fact, large numbers of pilots wear no hearing protection at all. Now later in life the effects of lack of hearing protection are undeniable.

Pilots suffer from high frequency hearing loss.

It is incredibly important to protect your hearing while flying small planes, crop dusting, going on back country fly-ins, outfitting, recreational flying, and more.

Our Quick-Fit and Custom-Fit aviation hearing protection devices are perfect for wearing under your headset. You will protect your hearing while being able to clearly hear the radio/control tower. You will no longer need to second guess the tower personnel or feel embarrassed by continually asking them to repeat. Your hearing will be digitally enhanced and protected to your personal needs.


… My new Custom HD TACTICAL Ears work great! especially with my headset. – Rich Beardsley CA. TACTICAL HEARING sponsored Race & exhibition pilot “Rich’s Brew” / Biplane # 77 opposite