TACTICAL HEARING is a family owned and operated  business with over 45 years of combined experience. We are an innovator of extreme performance digital hearing enhancement and protection systems. Our company uses the latest technologies in semiconductor circuits to design and manufacture state of the art hearing enhancement and protection devices for outdoorsman/women, hunting, shooting, dentistry, aviation,and general hearing protection and enhancement. We are avid shooters, sportsmen and women and understand the need for hearing enhancement and protection in the fields we love and enjoy with our families.

The materials and components used in our extreme hearing protection instruments are the same as what are used in “hearing aids” and enhancements that cost thousands of dollars more.

TACTICAL HEARING is wholly dedicated to the advancement of extreme digital hearing protection and digital hearing enhancement. In this day of corporate conglomerates, TACTICAL HEARING takes pride in maintaining our independence. We are an American privately-owned and operated company.

We have established ourselves as a truly American company with loyal and satisfied clients in every region world wide.

  • Privately owned American company
  • Advanced hearing protection technology
  • Comprehensive product line to accommodate all hearing protection and hearing enhancement needs
  • Ideal for military, law enforcement, hunting, sporting, aviation, tactical and general uses
  • Highest quality in hearing protection instruments
  • Recognized as an industry leader in hearing protection
  • Legendary customer service
  • ISO 9001 Quality Standard
  • Possess in-depth knowledge of “hearing aid” and hearing protection industries
  • Continual research & development to develop high quality hearing solutions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Strong customer & technical support team
  • Creation of quality products fueled by passion & experience
  • Extensive testing is carried out to ensure consistency, reliability and compatibility of components
Hearing protection and hearing enhancement are two very important topics in law enforcement, military, aviation and outdoor sports these days. This industry has become very specific in the last few years and its so important to use exceptional hearing protection/enhancement devices while in respective fields to enhance your hearing ability. This technology has vastly increased the odds for military/law enforcement, hunting/shooting, as well as providing the sportsman and woman with unprecedented hearing protection in such a small device.
We continue to rapidly advance in hearing enhancement/hearing protection technology. Our products are priced for the consumer. We know its important to be able to afford a quality high end hearing enhancement product, and we have priced all of our electronic hearing protection/enhancement products to be affordable.
With TACTICAL HEARING your search has ended for the finest electronic hearing protection and enhancement available!We are proud to be recognized as the industries innovative leader in advanced performance custom hearing enhancement and protection.