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Darrin Johns TACTICAL HEARING VP of sales is an invaluable component and reason the sales force works smoothly. Darrin is a single father of 3 boys who are growing into fine young men. Darrin is an avid outdoorsman, gamer, skateboarder and obviously great fisherman. As the first cousin and best friend of the company’s founder, Darrin plays a huge part in making the machine work. Accompanying us on our hunting adventures Darrin has become quite good behind the camera as he now films our hunts. Darrin knows all of the ins and outs of hearing and protection and will answer any and every question you ask. He will spend every moment needed to help get you set up with the proper TACTICAL HEARING instrument for your needs. Ladies he’s available so make your move before he get snatched up???? Make sure to visit him at most of the large hunting shows this next yr.