• Quick - Fit  Series:  "Universal fit".


• Open - Fit  Series: "Behind the ear". Perfect for general use and archery.


Custom - Fit Series: "Customized to your exact ear canal". The fit and comfort of this style is second to none.


We offer six Advanced Performance 100% Digital Hearing Protection and Hearing Enhancement circuits for you to choose. All of our devices compress sounds from 80dB- 90dB and have 30 - 35dB NRR and up to 48dB of gain. You have your choice of three styles to choose from in any of our six models below.

1. The TACTICAL Ultra HD is the most advanced digital 8 channel hearing technology on the market. The beauty of the Ultra-HD is that it allows you to hear very quiet sounds. It is like having power steering for your ears. You will be amazed at the clear HD quality sound of this product and you will "Re-Discover Life" and all the sounds of nature and the outdoors. The 8 channel, 32 layered channel device offers 4 memories for selecting different modes for specific sound environments. 12 noise reduction bands, up to 17 dB cut settings for extremely noisy situations. Hearing protection is achieved by the Ultra fast compression circuit. Noise levels at 90dB or higher are instantly detected and blocked in a fraction of a second. The circuit is programmable and re-programmable to precisely fit your needs.


2. The TACTICAL Ultima is the most popular hearing protection product. It offers premium clear hearing and advance compression technology for protecting your ears. The circuit is designed to automatically sense and reduce background noise (up to 13 dB cut settings) and let you hear all the sounds of nature.  It offers 4 memories for different situations and environments. The circuit is programmable and re-programmable to precisely fit your needs.

3. The TAC Max offers premium sound enhancement and hearing protection. The Max also has 4 memory settings for different environments. It can be programmed and reprogrammed to fine tune to your needs. The Max is designed to protect your ear from damaging noises while it also amplifies normal conversation and outdoor sounds. This product offers you value and affordability.

4. The TAC Plus is our most affordable product. The circuit is a 100% digital, 4 Channel's for flexible programming, 12 Band microprocessor. It is a high end entry level device with two memory settings, and It is programmable to fine tune to your needs.

5. The Colorado Buck Signature Custom Series HD- 8   TACTICAL HEARING and Colorado Buck (of the Sportsman Channel ))  ) have teamed up to create the new CB Signature Series HD - 8 The highest level advanced performance system for the serious hunter available today.

6. The TACTICAL T-4-16-HD in the Custom Series was recently developed using new state of the art technology in high end circuitry to offer the best 16 channel hearing enhancement and protection technology available. The T-4-16-HD offers a 64 layered channel with background noise reduction and rapid fire protection technology. Noise levels at 80dB or higher are instantly detected and blocked in a fraction of a second. The circuit is programmable and re-programmable to precisely fit your needs.With this one of a kind device you will experience unparalleled performance. Literally the best there Is!


TACTICAL HEARING Protection and Hearing Enhancement is designed not only for law enforcement and military but also for active sportsmen and women who need to protect their hearing while maintaining the ability to hear their quarry or conversation. It is perfect for hunting, target shooting, law enforcement, military, auto racing, concert, aviation, dental and industrial or professional settings. The TACTICAL HEARING protection device greatly reduces background noise while enhancing conversation for hearing in noisy environment such as shooting range or sport events.




• For the Custom-Fit style you simply must have ear impressions made then send them to us. We will then build a hearing enhancement/protection device custom to your ear.

 (Any local hearing specialist or audiologist can make this impression).

 • If you have purchased a non-custom TACTICAL HEARING Quick-Fit product, you can get that device custom fitted and programmed to your precise hearing needs/wants regardless of style or technology level for $149.50 per unit (ear) $275.00 for a pair. Simply send us impressions (ear molds) that you can have any hearing specialist make along with a recent "hearing test/audio gram" and we will custom fit your TACTICAL HEARING product specifically to your ear canal.

Custom products are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

NRR on TACTICAL HEARING instruments is approximate, results may vary        



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