TACTICAL HEARING is the innovative leader in micro custom high performance digital hearing enhancement  and hearing protection instruments.

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 If you are exposed to noisy environments through your profession or recreational activities (such as law enforcement, military, hunting/shooting, sporting, aviation or dentistry) call us today to learn more about our instruments and how they can help enhance your hearing while protecting your hearing from further damage.


Call us today to learn how our hearing enhancement device can work for you!                                              

  • The highest end hearing enhancement and protection device on the market today
  • State of the art advanced performance hearing protection and hearing enhancement technology




 TACTICAL HEARING uses the latest ear and hearing technologies from semiconductor circuits to design and manufacture our devices. Individuals in specific fields such as law enforcement, military, aviation, hunting, shooting, dentistry, and construction, particularly benefit from our hearing enhancement device. TACTICAL HEARING specializes in hearing enhancement and protection for general hearing protection and sporting ear protection. The materials and components used in our hearing protection instruments are the same as what are used in "hearing aids" and enhancements that cost thousands of dollars more! Our quality and technology is superior and our performance cannot be beat.

 Enhance Your Hearing while Protecting your Ears

TACTICAL HEARING offers the highest quality in hearing protection instrumentation products at the best prices. Perfect for anyone that has a need for enhancement and is concerned about hearing damage while being exposed to noisy environments. Protect your hearing while enhancing your ability to hear – the results will amaze you and you will have peace of mind that you are wisely taking care of your ears!

  • Recognized as an industry leader in hearing protection
  • ISO 9001 Quality Standard
  • Privately owned American company

Our hearing device is ideal for professionals, outdoor sport enthusiasts (such as hunters) or anyone that is exposed repeatedly to noisy environments that may damage one’s hearing. If you are exposed to or attend the following, you should call us today to learn more: law enforcement, military, hunting, sporting with guns, aviation, concerts, construction, heavy equipment, high frequencies (doctors and dentists), music production, and motorsports.

Our staff has an in-depth knowledge of the "hearing aid" and hearing protection industries. We can give you honest advice on products best suited for your hearing needs and ear condition. TACTICAL HEARING has over 35 years of experience and is passionate about having created the best hearing enhancements for the money on the market. We perform continual research, development, and testing to develop high quality hearing solutions that make your life better. Our prices are competitive and we have a strong customer & technical support team. We ensure consistency, reliability and compatibility of our ear components.

Call TACTICAL HEARING today to learn how this micro ear device can make a BIG difference in your life!




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